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Our company, located in Paris, offers you a wide range of french products. We present artisanal and regional specialties for expats, gourmets and all connoisseurs.

First, we introduce products from Brittany, land situated in western of France with extensive coastline. Brittany is a land of great character and great travelers. Its products are of course from the sea and the earth, and children love delicacies such as pancakes or kouign amann.
Then we transport you in Alsace, situated in eastern of France and therefore to the opposite, which is a continental land. Strasbourg, the European capital but before all Alsatian by its centuries-history, its geographical location and its openness to the world, Alsace is a real crossroads of cultures. We start with the sweets such as gingerbread, kougelhopf, macaroons ... and will present soon alsatian foie-gras and other invigorating dishes.
Well and gradually we’ll cross the French regions and as we hope, we'll share a tasty, delicious and festive tour of France.

Our aim is the research for local and artisanal products characterizing the best to get out from the usual clichés about French cuisine. For that reason, they are products of quality and great flavour, not from the big agribusiness.
To do this, we select manufacturers who are in compliance with hygiene standards and the French and European regulations. They also have all the necessary permits for the release for consumption of the products presented.
Therefore, these products have a use-by date in time and we store them in good conditions in order to preserve their organoleptic qualities.

So have fun watching our online store.